Pot-Related Products—from cannabis grow books to inexpensive stoner gifts—Increasingly Available on Amazon for Us Boomers

Fear the “Devil’s Harvest!”— not!
From the Devil’s Harvest to Legalization…

Fifty years ago in the Summer of Love, young boomers born in the 1950s were turning onto pot in North America.

Fifty years on, with Canada legalizing marijuana by July 1, 2018, and eight U.S. states now allowing recreational marijuana, those same boomers make up the fastest growing group of pot users. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that from 2002 to 2014, marijuana use among those 55 to 64 years old rose by 455 percent. Another survey found that people who started using marijuana before age 30 made up half of all those over age 50 who said they had used marijuana recently.


BTW, that’s us Boomers.

On July’s first weekend, “green” firework displays, long lines marked the start of recreational marijuana sales in Nevada— making it the eighth state to allow the purchase of pot in dispensaries. But if you Boomers visiting Vegas are hoping to find pot dispensaries on the Strip, fuggedaboudit—due to state casino laws, for now. But, in California, where recreational pot sales will become legal January 1, 2018, a technology company called Eaze already delivers medical pot right to your home!

In anticipation of these massive changes in the marijuana laws, Amazon.com is selling all sorts of marijuana related products and services: books (The Cannabis Grow Bible, Medical Marijuana, Cannabis Edibles, Cannabis Extract, Cannabis Cookbook, The Cannabis Encyclopedia, Cannabis Pharmacy, Cannabis Growing); products like rolling papers, apparel/jewelry, etc.


There’s even “50+ Stoner Gifts You Can Buy on Amazon for Under $20” including: Mini-Hookah; Electronic Herb Grinder; Pot Cookie Cutter; RAW Bundle (sampler set); Canvas Storage Bag, among so many other cool pot related gifts for medical and recreational users, alike.

And, increasingly, there’s “Sponsored Links” on Amazon offering services such as: Top Herb Stocks to Buy; Cannabis Business Recruiting; 420 Lifestyle PR; Cannabis Business Consultation; and, Cannibas, up to 75% Off!

Wow, I know, right?!

So, put ‘em on! Light ‘em up! And, nibble on ‘em! Or, not!


Author: ashleycollie

Professional, cool and internationally published & tech savvy writer (from Playboy Magazine to Sports Illustrated and Maclean's — both hard copy and online publications), author and blogger, as well as handling video blogs, writing/promotion, newsletters, etc. for businesses. And, written episodic shows for Television. If you have a writing need, I can provide a solution. Cheers!

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